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Active Deterrence Featured IP Cameras

Active Deterrence is a surveillance system that can deter intruders in time and prevent potential crime via built-in spotlight and speaker. Users can choose products with white light or red & blue light to meet the requirements of different scenarios. Powered by deep learning algorithm, it provides high accuracy intrusion alarms and sends real-time event notification and video to mobile phone when alarm has been triggered. With built-in mic and speaker, this system also offers two-way audio function.


The Active Deterrence camera can warn off intruders in time. When alarm is triggered, its built-in spotlight will flash and its speaker will play an alarm sound at the same time. Also, it supports custom voice audio created by the user (e.g., “Private property, keep out!“).


It offers a combination of light and sound alarm when the perimeter alarm has been triggered, realizing effective deterrence and intervention. The camera has multiple pre-installed voice alarms to choose from and supports custom voice importing. With an enhanced speaker to increase deterrence.




Brovotech Active Deterrence Featured Cameras offer enhanced hardware and mounting, the series is easier to install, is waterproof, and features new intelligent detection that works in conjunction with human and vehicle filtering.


Strobe Light and Customizable Audio Warning, Monitor and Deter In Real Time - reduces the risk that an intrusion event will occur. Audio volume and strobe light brightness are adjustable and can be adapted to the environment. 


Easy Configuration - easily and quickly enable a video analysis rule to start enjoying the simplicity and effectiveness of the professional performance.


Low-Light Technology:

Offers F1.0 super aperture and 24/7 monitoringultra-low light technology delivers brighter colors and clear detail at night.

Cloud Storage:

Camera-Accessible Cloud Options to Store Video on the Cloud with Greater Flexibility and Low Operating Costs.

False Alarm Reduction:

Effectively Reduces False Alarms, Increases Productivity and Enhances Operational Efficiency. More Accurate Property Perimeter Protection – Active Defender accurately senses and distinguishes human and vehicle movements from other moving objects, reducing false alarms. Security staff receives more accurate alarm data to evaluate, enabling more efficient responses to incidents and reducing unnecessary responses to false alarms and unimportant events.

Quick Target Search:

Enables staff to automatically identify footage of people and vehicles, eliminating the high costs of manual searches of video footage. 

Easy Configuration:

Easily and quickly enable a video analysis rule to start enjoying the simplicity and effectiveness of the performance.


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