Web Interface Demo:

1, As below are the default web interface. We can make customization based on your requirements: logo, color, style, consumer habit, etc.
2, Our 3.0 web interface will come soon. Key features: No ActiveX needed for cross-platform operation, HTML-5 architecture, easy to use, cross platform compatible, etc.  Learn more...  



IPC and NVR Management Tools Demo:

Old Version:


New Version:


CMS Demo:

1495442742140143.jpg  1495442772133261.jpg

Mobile App Demo:



Demo Link:

Hi3516CV200 + IMX323 2mp@30fps Demo link: adding
Hi3516D + OV4689 4mp@18fps Demo link: adding
Hi3516A + IMX326 5mp@30fps Demo link: adding
Hi3519V101 + IMX326 6mp@30fps Demo link: adding
Hi3519V101 + IMX274 8mp@30fps Demo link: adding

For solutions you're interested in, please contact support@brovotech.com or support@ezvis.net for demo link.