iSmart Series Cameras
        - Built in IntelliVision market leading Intelligent Video Analytics engine;
        - Smart, Sensitive, Specific and Stable (3S) Video Intelligence:
                IV (Intelligent Video): People Count, Cross Line, Human Detect, Intrusion Detection, Object Left or Removed, Loitering, Heat Map, Wrong Direction……
                FD (Face Detection)
                LPR (License Plate Detection/Recognition)
        - Open HTTP CGI interfaces to be quickly integration with the third party system like NVR, management software.

        Recommended Models: 2MP 1080P@60FPS, 4MP@30FPS Cameras with SONY STARVIS Sensor, 128dB WDR, POE, Alarm, AAC audio, Maximum 128G MicroSD supported, ONVIF;
        Other models can be supported as optional;