Solutions can be customized. As below are our most popular solutions for fisheye cameras.

 Camera Name Solution Resolution Lens Video Codec POE/Wifi Highlights
 1MP Fisheye Cameras Hi3518EV200+OV9732 1MP, 720P@30FPS 1.4mm fisheye lens, covering 360 degrees H.264 POE or Wifi
 1.3MP Fisheye Cameras Hi3518EV200+AR0130 1.3MP, 960P@30FPS H.264 POE or Wifi
 2MP Fisheye Cameras Hi3518EV200+SC2135 2MP, 1080P@15FPS H.264 POE or Wifi
 2MP Fisheye Cameras Hi3516CV200+IMX323 2MP, 1080P@30FPS H.264 POE or Wifi Starvis
 2MP Fisheye Cameras Hi3516D+IMX290/291 2MP, 1080P@30FPS H.264, H.265 POE or Wifi IMX290: WDR; IMX291: Starlight
 4MP Fisheye Cameras Hi3516D+OV4689 4MP@18FPS, 3MP@30FPS H.264, H.265 POE or Wifi
 4MP Fisheye Cameras Hi3516A+OV4689 4MP(2592*1520)@30FPS   H.264, H.265 POE
 5MP Fisheye Cameras Hi3516D+IMX326 5MP(2592*1944)@15FPS H.264, H.265 POE Starvis
 5MP Fisheye Cameras Hi3516A+IMX326 5MP(2592*1944)@30FPS H.264, H.265 POE Starvis
 6MP Fisheye Cameras Hi3519V101+IMX326 6MP(3072*2048)@30FPS H.264, H.265 POE Starvis
 8MP Fisheye Cameras Hi3519V101+IMX274 8MP(3840*2160)@30FPS H.264, H.265 POE Starvis


Casings can be customized. As below are our most popular casings.



1, dewarp from camera side (hardware dewarp): available for 6mp and 8mp fisheye cameras.
Dewarp from mobile App: available for all solutions.
Dewarp from CMS /NVR side: we can work with customers to make customization. We provide CGI or SDK for quick integration.

Reference 01: dewarp from mobile App for all solutions


Reference 02: dewarp from hardware /camera side, for 6mp and 8mp cameras


2, Web access: built-in web interfaces, Chrome / Firefox / Safari /IE supported without ActiveX.


3, Free CMS for management.

4, Free App for smartphone.

Full Compatibility
-- HTTP CGI, Customized ONVIF with all features supported: HIKVISION, DAHUA, TVT, iSPY, Milestone, Trassir, AXXON, NUUO, Blue Iris, Qnap;
-- Private Protocol supported: HIKVISION, XM, AEVISION, JUAN, RAYSHARP etc;
-- Macroscop Cloud supported;
-- RTMP Video + AAC Audio to work with YouTube, Wowzar Server;
-- IPTV Muticasting with the standard TS stream with TSID and Program ID configurable;
-- MJPEG with HTTP-Stream and HTTP Snapshot with HTTP Request URL;
-- SIP with Asterisk;
-- RTSP Authentication and RTSP Multicasting supported;

Flexible and Customizable Software
-- REAL Cross browsers supported: Edge, Chrome, Firefox and IE etc;
-- User-Friendly and cross platform (Windows/MAC) management software;
-- Intelligent Video: Face Detection, People Counting, Intrusion, Crossing Line, Object Detection;
-- Creative Easy DHCP Technology and SmartLink WiFi Connection.